1967 Triumph Vitesse 2ltr Mk1

A good example of how even the most straightforward looking projects can become a whole lot more complicated. In this instance it was the previous handiwork of a 'so called' expert which caused the problem. The brief was to align all the panelwork, repaint and reassemble all nice and shiny.

Doesn't look bad, and it wasn't really, but check the passenger door - this body isn't going to line up easily.

Turned out that the chassis had already had all new outriggers and side rails but it had been so badly done that the body (even with a lot of shimming) was bent across the backbone like a banana.

So nothing for it, body off and all outriggers and side rails removed. They had been badly welded on top of the remains of the old ones with no thought given to height or positioning.

This picture shows the new ones fitted correctly and painted ready for the body again.

Jump forward a couple of days and the car is ready for paint with really nice, even body gaps.                                                                               With a flat chassis this was fairly easy to achieve - you start to see that this can be a really sharp looking Vitesse.

A fresh repaint in the original and rare Cactus Green - downhill from now on!

Seats were stripped and rebuilt with new webbing, hessian etc and the frames powder coated.

The carpets are new but the rest is original,  just cleaned. It all scrubbed up really well and the red interior brightens up the pale
green exterior nicely.

All done, lovely car - gloomy day in December doesn't do the colour any justice.                                                                                                             Minilites set it off and the great six cylinder burble through the twin exhaust encourages brisk driving.

In fact its hard to think of a classic four seat family saloon which rewards on the road like a Vitesse.   A real wolf in sheeps clothing.

Courtesy of the owner.  Christmas Card?

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