1971 Trumph Spitfire MkIV

The first full restoration completed at Willow Triumph some years ago. A gorgeous Spitfire MkIV belonging to Hayley Gregory. It was about as bad as they get when we got stuck into it, every outer panel was replaced except for the bonnet centre section - and I even made all of the nose on that! All pre completion pictures are on film so you can't see them, you'll just have to take my word for it!

I have quite a soft spot for the unloved black dash MkIV. They don't have much going for them, but my first Spitfire was just the same. I still have it although it's a bit different now - see elsewere.

To her credit the owner wanted it kept very much to original specification. This car drove like a new one, very tight, no rattles or squeaks. You could understand why they were so popular.

The bit everyone loves about Spitfires, access!   Engine bay is immaculate. The only departure from standard is that it now has a servo on the bulkhead, the owner needed some brakes a bit closer to those on her MX5.

All under bonnet panels were new and went together well to produce a very nicely fitting bonnet.

New carpets, seat covers, glove boxes, door cards and hood.           That black dash looks quite smart when surrounded with lots of fresh black vinyl, all tightly trimmed.

Original even down to non reclining seats without headrests. Properly rebuilt Spitfire seats are so comfortable, well worth the expense. Inertia reel seatbelts make sense. 

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