1970 Triumph Spitfire Mk3

A true barn find if ever there was one, just look at it!   I just had to photograph it before the dust was washed off.   In this case the owner of the car also owned the barn, he had decided it was time to have the car restored and take it to his other home in France. Very nice.

Lots of original features remaining, also lots of bodged repairs, muck, mice, etc etc.

Just a wash and a polish should do it.

Believe it or not but under all this was a fairly healthy engine and gearbox.

Interior was not so good.

Repairs ongoing. New complete floors and sills to offside, good used doors and wing repairs to nearside

Fitting new wings to the rear gives the opportunity to prime areas which have never before seen paint.  

Bonnet repairs ongoing. 

Final repaired body doesn't retain much of the original outer panelwork.

No interim photographs for this one, but the finished article looks great.

Want one?   I did.

Compare to the before pictures, quite a change. Amazingly the hood is the one the car came with. Wheels are from my own Spitfire as I had fitted some others. The wheels the car came with were a larger PCD and all the studs had been bent out to accommodate them!

The car never went to France and I have seen it once or twice since attending local shows (and looking great) with the owner's Father at the wheel.

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